What Can Union Labor Do for My Company?

We understand the work involved in building your company to what it is today. You make decisions to do what is best for your family, your employees and your customers. You strive to offer quality and value. We do not assume to be electrical contractors. We do not want to manage your company or your workload.

We do, however, recognize that we are both important parts of the same industry. We want to help you use union labor to strengthen your business.

While we do not offer management services, we do offer highly skilled, safe and productive manpower. If you would become a signatory partner with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, you will have the same management rights the day after you sign the paperwork as you did before you signed.

The only real difference is that the management rights are written into a Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Collective Bargaining Agreement documents your agreed upon rights to hire, fire, promote and demote as you see fit.

Here are some of the things that union labor can do for your company:

  • We give you access to a flexible workforce which allows you to cater to your customers’ needs within 24 hours.
  • We enable you to take on larger or additional products, and meet your deadlines.
  • We take the responsibility for helping your workforce find work so you don’t have to worry about what will happen if your work slows down.
  • We provide you with a workforce that is helping you work towards success and profitability.
  • We remove the hassle and expense of advertising as well as hiring and firing employees. We recruit, we interview, we train, all using our resources so you don’t have to use your resources.

It all comes down to this: Our goal is to partner with your business to help ensure your success, in turn, promoting our success as well. Contact us today for more information and to schedule an introductory meeting.